Giffords Circus 2017 Tour - Any Port in a Storm

Saturday 3rd December 2016


The 2017 Baroque inspired Giffords Circus show sees acts rolling in including a Cuban troupe, a Hungarian Csikos and a Ukrainian hand balancer. With live musicians providing the music, household favourite Tweedy returns to meddle. 
Any Port in a Storm will be travelling through the Cotswolds and into London from Friday 12th May until Sunday 24th September. Giffords Circus is adding a new ground to the tour - Stonor Park in Henley on Thames. Another classic English setting to compliment the traditional vintage circus.
A roaring tempest of a show.
Tickets available from the box office 0845 459 7469 and through the website

Laci Endresz makes an impassioned speech at the European Parliament

Wednesday 19 October 2016


ACP member Laci Endresz gave an impassioned speech in the Brussels European Parliament about the values of the circus sector. Laci was keen to point out that definitions such as “new circus”. “contemporary circus”, “classic circus”, and “traditional circus” are divisive terms. At European level we should be looking at “Circus” as a whole and not subdivisions. “All forms of Circus are essentially the same thing” said Laci. ACP chairman Martin Burton also attended the meeting and in a short speech pointed out that in his opinion there was no industry where you see less racism, sexism, and favouritism. Martin said “In the circus we are judged by what we do in the ring not by our race, religion or creed”. The meeting was hosted by Hungarian MEP Istvan Ujhelyi and attended by the British MEP Julie Ward - who proved to be very supportive of all forms of circus. It was agreed that, both through the European Parliament and UNESCO, steps would be taken to ensure that circus as both an industry and entertainment would be classified as CULTURAL, a classification which apparently circus does not yet officially enjoy.

ACP Condemns Killer Clown Craze

Saturday 15 October 2016


Clowns have always been an important part of circus shows and ACP member circuses engage only the very best, highly trained clowns whose aim is to be entertaining and funny, but never frightening. Scary clowns have no part in the circus and the ACP condemns those amateurs who dress up as clowns with the sole aim of scaring people. The exemption would be The Circus of Horrors who despite having Scary Clowns perform in a professional manner and are as funny as they are scary and only perform in the confines of the venue they are appearing.

The Lord Mayor Welcomes Circus Wonderland Home

Saturday 16 July 2016


The Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Councillor David Fuller, was a special guest at Circus Wonderland recently, at a fundraising performance that marked the first time that the circus has appeared in their home city.
The show has been touring the UK for the last five years, and circus director Grace Arnett was delighted to finally bring the show to Portsmouth where her family have been prolific business operators for five generations.
From shell fish kiosks on Southsea Pier, to boxing clubs, nightclubs, casinos and the highly successful Crown Bingo chain, the Arnett name has become synonymous in Portsmouth with quality entertainment and leisure.
Circus Wonderland took to the road in 2012, presented by Grace Arnett and her close friends from the circus world, Kriss Freear and Paul Carpenter, who perform as clown double act Kakehole and Popol. Grace also appears in the show, and her accomplishments include hula hooping, foot juggling and fire manipulation.
The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress attended a special performance of the circus at King George V Playing Fields where money was raised for the Lord Mayor’s charities, the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, the NHS Trust for Oncology and Haematology, and Help 4 Special Children.  This also turned into a family reunion when it transpired that the Lord Mayor is related to the Arnett family on his father’s side. The Arnetts have been invited to the Lord Mayor’s parlour for high tea when the circus returns home in the winter. Unfortunately the clowns Kakehole and Popol have also been invited so anything could happen!

For further information on the show please visit

Kitty cats at Zippo's Circus 2016!

Saturday 16 July 2016


Zippos Circus 2016 has a new pawsome line-up of talented family of acrocats - rescue cats from France, presented by the Borissov family from South West France.

There are 27 cats in total, male and female, all of whom have been rescued. The oldest and Cat Troupe leader is the fearless “Felix”, 7 years, and the youngest, “Junior”, a one year old who was found abandoned in a French shopping centre.


The cats work in teams of six, so they don’t get tired, also they because lose interest quickly, says owner Roseline. ‘They are very difficult to train’ she adds ‘Cats are of course very independent and when they don’t want to work they don’t work. It takes several months to train each cat. They are trained using treats. In the show, and in the show only, their preferred titbit is Saucisson de Strasbourg or the finest paté’.

All of the cats in the show perform natural movements showcasing their agility, and each cat has it owns speciality. Stars of the show are Felix the ‘Supercat’, Junior who walks a tightrope and Rundi who jumps from pedestal to pedestal.

“The legendary Zippos Circus with talented family of pet cats - comedy and cuteness” in GLASGOW LIVE on 21.06.16

“These performing street cats are the cutest thing and have become pampered performers at Britain’s biggest circus - the cats who have become the stars of the show this year” online in BuzzFeed on 02.04.16

Gerry Cottle is back with his sensational ROCK CIRCUS

Saturday 9 July 2016


Bounding out of retirement the effervescent Gerry Cottle is back with his sensational ROCK CIRCUS - a high-energy family show featuring a new generation of vibrant young performers against an infectious, non-stop Rock and Pop soundtrack.

From ABBA to Adele, The Beatles to The Beach Boys and Queen to Britney Spears, all your favourite music from the last 60 years accompanies an awe-inspiring line-up of the world’s greatest acts in circus, comedy and magic for LIVE entertainment to thrill and astonish all ages.

World-renowned Circus Master, Gerry Cottle says: “It’s got my name on it and I promise you a great show LIKE NO OTHER. A whole world of LIVE entertainment for all the family – we think you’ll have the time of your life!”

Wild, wonderful and out-of-this-world, ROCK CIRCUS brings together amazing international acts with a toe-tapping soundtrack and the latest lights and technology in family entertainment for the modern age.

For tour details go to

The Moscow State Circus returns to Scotland

Saturday 9 July 2016


The Moscow State Circus returns to Scotland with its latest & greatest production to date, 7 Zhelainiy, based on the Russian folklore story of Cvetik-Semicvetik, or “the flower with seven colours,” by by Valentin Petrovich Katayev where each of the petals represent a wish and is the perfect back drop for what is undoubtedly the greatest & most famous circus on earth.

Wizard Wacko & is crazy side kick Natalia Mezentceva invite’s the audience to a wondrous & mysterious enchanted garden, a place where dreams come true and a place to see magnificent feats of human achievement, the like of which have never been witnessed in Scotland before.

As our Loveable Buffoons guide us through this tantalising tale, granting wishes to the beautiful Kushka Veslovskaya who plays Zhenya, surrounded by a multitude of flying, back flipping, juggling, wire walking & roller-skating performers.

The Circus of Horrors celebrates its 21st anniversary

Saturday 9 July 2016


The Circus of Horrors celebrates its 21st anniversary as it takes to the road with its latest incarnation. A Never-ending Nightmare,
The spectacular features an amazing amalgamation of bizarre, brave & beautiful acts woven into a Alice in Horrorland type story &

performed to Devil Driven Rock music, Xpertly Xecuted with a forked tongue firmly in each cheek!

Annually the Circus of Horrors plays over 100 UK theatres and this tour has expanded to take in festivals throughout the world including, Glastonbury, The Isle of White Festival, Reading & Leeds Festivals & Download in addition to The Fuji Rock Festival in Japan (twice), the Wacken Festival in Germany plus shows in Chile, Uruguay, Holland, Belgium, Argentina, France, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Hong Kong and Moscow where it became the 1st UK Circus ever to perform in Russia. The show also played an astounding 10 nights at London's O2.

The new phantasmagoria open's in bloody doors this autumn, tour details can be found on

'Leave your irony and cool outside, Zippos is dazzling family entertainment'

Saturday 9 July 2016


The Tempohouse, a cultural criticism collective based in Scotland, visited Zippos Circus in Queen's Park, Glasgow during June.

'Thirty years young, Zippos Circus is something of an institution… and with good reason. With its end-of-the-pier humour and spectacular stunts, the old cliche of ‘something for everyone’ applies here. Whether it’s Odka, the Mongolian contortionist, who can not only fit into a bottle, but also shoot an arrow from her toes, or new act Roseline and Nora’s Juggling Pussycats, who are as cute as they are smart, the slick stagecraft leaves other shows wanting. Romy Michael’s foot juggling is both glam and jaw-dropping, and Alex Michael’s aerial daredevil stunts have many a member of the audience covering their eyes, as he hangs upside down with no safety net.

Zippos is one of the most traditional circus shows around, and so the vaudeville antics of ‘ladies’ man’ Mr Lorenz, a spiv with a sense of mischief, are to the fore. Alex The Fireman walks a (literal at times) tightrope between slapstick and death-defying stunts. But it’s the Timbuktu  Tumblers and then the Duo Galaxy in the spinning Wheel Of Death who elicit the most gasps, as they defy gravity with wit and panache.

Leave your irony and cool outside, Zippos is dazzling family entertainment.'

TIME OUT Meets Zippos' Felix

Tuesday 24 May 2016


Don't settle for cats doing cute things on YouTube, get along to Zippos Circus and see feline acrobats IRL. To get the inside track on these supermoggies, we negotiated an exclusive interview with the troupe's top cat.

How long does it take to train for the show? "About six months to a year. Of course we can do all the Acrocatic movements for the show easily becauset hey're based on our natural agility, but we need to focus and not get distracted by our fellow acrobats in the ring. That takes practice."

What's the diet like for a highly trained acrobat? "We eat like any normal house cat but our favourute treat is saussison de Strasbourg or a fine pate. We never over-indulge as, being French cats, we like to stay slim and in perfect shape."

I hear that life wasn't always so easy for you? "Sacre bleu! We have sadly been abandoned by heartless owners and experienced life on the streets of France before being rescued by the kind Borissov family. I am the original Acrocat. I was found sleeping rough on a roundabout in south-west France seven years ago."

Is it good to be with a circus family now? "Absolument! We enjoy the circus life and are never bored. W have our own heated circus wagon to lounge around in between shows and an outdoor play area to play or sleep in on a sunny day."

The Association of Circus Proprietors (GB)

Tuesday 24 May 2016


An incident that recently occurred at a circus performing in Wales has been brought to our attention. In this incident a member of the audience was brought into the circus ring and was the subject of what could only be described as a Wrestling move, which resulted in the audience member being knocked unconscious.

Furthermore there appeared to be no trained first-aiders in the vicinity which resulted in him being manhandled out of the ring in a manner that could have been extremely dangerous.

The Association of Circus Proprietors would like to point that the circus in question, Circus Zyair, is not and never has been a member of our association,

The ACP is a government recognised body that serves and advises its members in a whole array of matters that are agreed to protect the excellent name of British Circus, and it has certain guidelines that have to be adhered to.

The actions taken by Circus Zyair during their performance and in the aftermath while the paying customer was removed from the ring would not come anywhere near the guidelines expected for a ACP member.

Audience participation is allowed in an ACP member's show but only if of a non-hazardous nature, and risk assessments and method statements are completed and adhered to by our members.

If ever there was any proof that councils and other land-owners should only let their land to bona fide ACP members then this is it.


Giffords Circus - The Painted Wagon

Saturday 21 May 2016


The summer tour has opened with a bang for Giffords Circus as their whip-crackin’ horse-wranglin’ Hell-raisin’ show opened in Stroud on 13 May. Acclaimed comedy director Cal McCrystal has joined forces for a fourth time with producers Nell and Toti Gifford. Together they have created the scene for a Wild West extravaganza of eye-catching acrobatics and aerialists from far and distant lands, dancing horses, bounty hunting, and gold panning all
to the beat of the ‘Dodge City’ Giffords Circus saloon band.

‘The Painted Wagon’ is on tour throughout the Cotswolds and London from May until September. Book tickets by ringing 0845 459 7469 or online

Zippos educational schools' programme

Saturday 21 May 2016


Each year, as Zippos Circus tours the country it provides educational visits to schools in the towns it visits, encouraging students’ interest not only in learning circus skills, but in hearing of the circus' history and traditions, often as a first introduction to the magic of the circus.

A typical example of this work as a social circus was on May 4th, at Churchfield Primary School in North London. Zippos Big Top was in nearby Finsbury Park, and some of the circus stars gave up their afternoon to help the young people of Year Three try circus skills for the first time, with juggling, flower-sticks and plate spinning.

Free events like this are co-ordinated by Zippos circus education specialist, Ann Dorwin. As well as the skills, Zippos instructors can describe circus traditions and explain the cultural geography of the skills. Zippos also supply a free education pack as an instructional aid for teachers, with fact pages and adaptable activities in history, culture and society, geography, maths, science, arts and crafts, politics, religion, and the importance of diversity, practice and self-discipline.

These circus activities "…promote core virtues of practice, team work, initiative and personal discipline - everything, in fact, that is needed to become a successful life-long learner. It surprises pupils about their own hidden talents and provides living proof that learning is at its best when it's serious fun!" Paul Mills, Head of Drama at The Westgate School.
More details:

Zippos 30th Year Celebration

Saturday 16 April 2016


Zippos Circus is celebrating its 30th year in 2016 with an all-new production entitled 'Celebration!' on tour in England and Scotland until the Autumn.

Zippos return follows a highly successful Winter season, with a new pawsome line-up including a talented family of pet cats - comedy and cuteness. Also the incredible horsemanship with stunning white heavy horses. They’re really big!

Human skills include jaw-dropping thrills from our trapeze artist, high above the circus ring without a net; some nail-biting knife throwing and the terrifying ‘Wheel of Death’- BLINDFOLD!

Younger visitors enjoy comedy from Mr Lorenz and Alex the Fireman, tumbling from Kenya, Star Wars’ style laser antics, foot juggling and of course Norman Barrett MBE – Ringmaster extraordinaire with his cheeky performing budgerigars. The purrfect family entertainment!

Giffords Circus presents: The Painted Wagon tour

Saturday 12 March 2016


Giffords Circus’ highly anticipated 2016 tour The Painted Wagon is set to enthral audiences this spring and summer. Touring the South West and London from May until September, this original whip-crackin’ horse-wranglin’ hell-raisin’ show promises more of the much loved unique Giffords Circus magic.

New artists and firm favourites form the critically acclaimed company. Newcomers include gun-slinging, rope-spinning teenage Cowgirl Lilian Konyot, along with Duo Lyrical Lyra, two beautiful aerialists. Giffords Circus stalwarts Madame Nancy Trotter-Landry, rodeo rider Dan Fortt, jugglers Bibi and Bichu, El Gifford (STILL WANTED) and funny man Tweedy the Clown all make a welcome return.

The tour will visit popular Giffords Circus stomping grounds opening at Fennells Farm followed by Sudeley Castle, Daylesford Organic Farm, Blenheim Palace and many more, along with a lengthened stretch at Chiswick House & Gardens, London following a rip roaring reception in 2015.

Opening on 13th May, The Painted Wagon tour runs until 25th September. Tickets can be booked through the box office 0845 459 7469 or visiting the website

Russells Circus' whirlwind 2016 tour

Saturday 12 March 2016


2016 is set to be a ground-breaker as we tour with a brand new show, featuring acts that range from aerial elegance to death-defying feats - like the amazing motorbike on the high wire. And, with the jaw-dropping Wheel of Death, this year's show is sure to leave the audience gasping! And, when they stop gasping they will be laughing as (due to popular demand), we are proud to once again have Rusty Russell back in the ring as our principal clown.

The show will be visiting some of the usual towns but also have some exciting new venues coming up. Look out for us coming to a town near you.​

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In 2008 and 2011 the Association of Circus Proprietors of Great Britain were invited to a parliamentary assembly held within The House of Commons.

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